It’s really the best of all worlds. Sia che usiate la bicicletta occasionalmente per recarvi al lavoro o più regolarmente, tanto in città quanto in campagna nei fine-settimana, questo è il modello con cui appagare la vostra sete di avventura. Con un telaio completamente rivisitato e una nuova unità motore Bosch CX di quarta generazione, abbinata all'affidabile trasmissione Shimano Deore a 10 velocità, i nostri progettisti hanno dato il massimo per creare una compagna di pedalate adattabile e versatile. Both wheels offer quick release for easy trail maintenance and transport. It comes with everything you need to deal with wet riding conditions and darkness, I…... A sporty, value-priced, cross style electric bike with high-end Bosch Performance Line CX motor offering great power and torque for light trail use or steep-hill assistance. Cube Kathmandu Hybrid EXC 625 in offerta su - I migliori prodotti CUBE a prezzi sempre scontati - Pagamento sicuro con Carta, PayPal e Contrassegno - Spedizione in 24h! Terrible quality control? Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 625 lunar'n'grey - 431212-Kathmandu Hybrid Pro simbolizza la libertà data dalle esplorazioni sulle due ruote. Note the tighter ISIS splined spindle and longer 175mm crank arms on this ebike. Sealed bearing headset and bottom bracket provide protection in wet environments. The mounting interface…... A beautifully styled, well-accessorized, comfortable, wave style step-thru electric bike that's available in four frame sizes and two happy color options, reinforced frame feels sturdy thanks to thick downtube and reinforcement bar near head tube. L'enorme gamma di rapporti e le cambiate fluide di Shimano Deore 1x12, abbinate alla potenza del sistema di trazione Bosch di quarta generazione, agevolano qualsiasi percorso. The Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 625 2020 Electric Hybrid Bike is comfortable, versatile and with the power to expand your horizons, its fourth-generation Bosch drive system is just the start. Learn how your comment data is processed. There are little differences (including size) between each electric bike skew, so this will help others who are making a similar decision. Cube Cross Hybrid Pro 625 im Test Der Hersteller bewirbt das Cube Cross Hybrid Pro 625 als „Rundum-Sorglos-Bike“ – und da ist was dran. CUBE Reaction Hybrid Performance 400 Allroad, CUBE Reaction Hybrid Performance 400 Allroad Review, All Mountain Electric Mountain Bike Reviews. The three finger levers give you plenty of braking power, and offer adjustable reach for different hand sizes. Bosch now offers the Kiox and Nyon as. Comfortable, versatile and with the power to expand your horizons, its fourth-generation Bosch drive system is just the start. This charger could take 11+ hours, based on my calculations, to fully charge a drained battery. The platform is positioned far enough back that the seat can be lowered all the way down without colliding with your gear. We fitted a Suntour XCR 32 air suspension fork for easy adjustability and greater comfort on rough roads. Per saperne di più... Il tubo di sterzo conico assicura precisione di guida interagendo con la forcella ammortizzata da 100 mm, mentre il passaggio cavi interno mantiene il cambio pulito e accurato senza necessità di manutenzione periodica. Solid performance for city riding (with bosses for adding a rear rack!) The 4th generation Bosch Performance Line CX, Speed, Cargo Speed, and Cargo motors can now be upgraded from 75 newton meters of torque to 85nm for free! The model reviewed in this article is the SL 625, which sits near the top of the range at £3299, although it does starts off considerably cheaper with the Hybrid One 500 at £2299. confronta 5864. Descrizione prodotto. Inoltre, con una robusta forcella ammortizzata Suntour dotata di 100 mm di escursione e un reggisella anch'esso ammortizzato, la comodità è assicurata anche sulle strade più dissestate. I used the Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 625 for 10 days, then returned it to the shopkeeper who gave me my money back. Ready for anything with durable plastic fenders, a color-matched full surround chain cover, integrated lights…... Hardtail electric cross country mountain bike with nimble 2.6" plus sized tires, Boost hub spacing and a sturdy 15mm thru-axle on the front wheel, upgraded Alex rims with reinforcement eyelets. Ho usato Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 625 per 10 giorni, poi l'ho restituita al negoziante che mi ha restituito gentilmente i soldi. Great Shimano hydraulic disc brakes with capable 180mm rotors. Unique integrated rear rack provides a clean look while reducing rattling and failure points. Inoltre, con una robusta forcella ammortizzata Suntour dotata di 100 mm di escursione e un reggisella anch'esso ammortizzato, la comodità è assicurata anche sulle strade più dissestate. Bosch certified ebike dealers can help with this, and it should take just 30 minutes or so. Extremely well balanced with drive system weight low and center, the battery mount is sunk…... An all-mountain style electric bike with 160 mm travel, RochShox Yari RC fork with 34 mm anodized stanchions and Boost hub spacing, Fox Float DPS EVO rear shock and modified Horst Link swing arm. Some of this has to do with the coil suspension fork, high capacity Bosch PowerTube 625 battery pack, and frame-integrated rear rack. The headlight has a bright 50 LUX beam that is angled down so as not to blind oncoming traffic or cyclists as well two side windows to keep you visible from more angles. confronta 5863. Il portapacchi Integrated Carrier 2.0, il tubo di sterzo conico e il sistema CUBE Modular Battery System completamente racchiuso dimostrano come ogni dettaglio dello chassis di Kathmandu Hybrid Pro sia stato concepito per offrire resistenza, rigidità e robustezza, come abbiamo appurato nel nostro laboratorio di prova interno. The bike is also available in crossbar and trapeze frame styles. Hello friends, something strange happened to me and I ask again for advice in this Forum. This surprised me given the higher level components found elsewhere on the bike. Ergonomics and comfort are addressed by the adjustable suspension fork, adjustable suspension seatpost, premium adjustable angle stem (with two bolts for added strength), locking ergonomic grips, and custom memory foam saddle. Ma non ci siamo limitati alla sola funzione, anche perché non potrebbe essere una CUBE Hybrid se le mancassero eleganza e una guida incredibilmente agevole e intuitiva, grazie a un baricentro basso. Weighing in at 58lbs (26kg), the Kathmandu is fairly heavy for a hardtail electric bike. When plugged in, the charging cable actually blocks the rotation path of the left crank, so be careful not to bump the pedals, or consider charging the battery off the bike. The demo bike I tested actually had the spoke magnet twisted a bit already, so pay special attention to this even when buying brand new. I’ve been lucky enough to get one of the first into the country, black and blue colour. Fit and comfort are a priority with this ebike and the suspension fork, sprung saddle,…... One of the coolest looking Bosch powered hardtail ebikes I have seen, matte black and gloss black accents on the frame, fork and wheelset blend perfectly with the motor and battery casing. Siamo perciò certi non avere trascurato nessun dettaglio di modo che possiate godervi appieno ogni singola pedalata. The Kathmandu Hybrid Pro symbolises the freedom of two-wheeled exploration. It’s a proprietary stand that mounts at the rear using just one bolt. > Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 625 2021. The Kathmandu Hybrid Pro symbolises the freed Vis mere. If you don’t live near a big city, you may struggle to find this bike, and it may not be available online. Fragt ukendt. There’s no compression lockout or rebound, and the coil fork is heavier than an air fork… but the tapered head tube makes this an easy part to replace or upgrade if you’d like, but that means the new fork won’t be color matched to the frame. Grazie alla forcella di sospensione e al reggisella di sospensione, garantisce un'ammortizzazione efficace su ogni terreno. A cap on the top of the left fork leg hides the inflation valve and the right has the lockout mechanism. The Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Exc 625 really is an excellent workhorse of an e-bike, and is specced up to the nines with the latest Bosch Performance Line CX motor, a wide range of gears and sturdy panniers for your luggage. Bosch Drive Unit Performance CX GEN4 (75Nm), Aluminum Superlite, Gravity Casting Technology, Efficient Comfort Geometry, Tapered Headtube, Full Integrated Battery, Integrated Carrier 2.0, Men: 50, 54, 58, 62; Trapeze: 46, 50, 54; Easy Entry: 46, 50, 54, 58, FSA Orbit 1.5B ZS-R, Top Zero-Stack 1 1/8" (OD 44mm), Bottom Zero-Stack 1 1/2" (OD 56mm), Shimano BR-MT200, Hydr. It had various flaws: 1) Broken charger cable connection plug 2) … Premium integrated lights run off of the rechargeable ebike battery and are well positioned for protection and visibility; the headlight has side windows and the tires have reflective paint to keep you seen. The handlebar can swivel 45-degrees to line up with the bike frame, making it easier…... A high quality electric bicycle that's well-suited to neighborhood, city, and commuting applications. I like the Shimano Deore trigger shifters that CUBE chose for this electric bicycle, because they offer two-way action on the high lever. I was surprised that CUBE chose the slower Bosch Compact ebike charger for this model considering how nice everything else is, and how large the battery is! Infatti aveva vari difetti. Quick release wheels for easy fixes, puncture resistant Schwalbe Tires reduce flats. Mine is a mid-step size S with a 625 Wh battery. The rims also come tubeless ready if you wish to convert for less weight and lower tire pressure options. CUBE KATHMANDU HYBRID PRO 625 EE 2021. Completamente riprogettata attorno alla magnifica unità motore Bosch CX di quarta generazione per il 2020, questa due ruote si basa su un nuovo telaio ancora più elegante, pratico e funzionale, il cui cuore pulsante è costituito da un tubo obliquo prodotto mediante fusione per gravità con il nuovo Modular Battery System. Comfortable, versatile and with the power to expand your horizons, its fourth-generation Bosch drive system is just the start. The location of the battery charging port is very low on the left side of the downtube, pretty close to the left crank arm. Fairly basic coil suspension fork with preload adjust only. Kathmandu Hybrid Pro simbolizza la libertà data dalle esplorazioni sulle due ruote. This display is also removable, which locks the bike from tampering and reduces scratches and fading of the LCD. Hydroformed tubing is beautiful but stiff with reinforcements and internal walls that reduce frame flex without adding too much weight. Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 625 Trapeze Deore Womens Electric City Bike 2021. The suspension fork isn’t bad, but it’s fairly basic. Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 625 acquistare a prezzo basso online Bicicletta-Elettrica, Bici da Trekking Spedizione: veloce, gratuito e sicuro Consulenza telefonica e servizio★★ Available in two colors but only one frame size... the extra-long seat post and telescoping height stem provide good fit for a range of rider heights. Thanks for the feedback about the weight, Scott! Hope you enjoy the bike! Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 625 2021. ... – Batteria PowerTube 625 – Motore Bosch Drive Unit Performance CX GEN4 (85Nm) – Display Intuvia – Caricatore 2A peso 25,7 kg. Perhaps CUBE named the bike after it because of its excellent climbing ability and long range battery pack. but also very…... High performance urban electric bike with light weight carbon fiber fork and an automatic shifting system that maintains the cadence you set with NuVinci H Sync. Low-rise handlebar, adjustable angle stem, ergonomic grips, and memory foam saddle all improve comfort.. Til butik. This means you can use your right index finger for braking and dedicate your right thumb to shifting to higher or lower gears. Minor consideration, the headlight is mounted to the arch of the suspension fork and may bounce up and down in this position because it’s unsprung vs. if it was mounted to the stem or handlebar which are sprung and higher up, offering improved visibility. The bike comes with name brand ALEXRIMS that have reinforcement eyelets for extra strength and 36 spokes, using thicker 13 gauge wire, to last and last. Reliable extra-large Bosch PowerTube 625 battery pack provides excellent range and is completely hidden inside the downtube. Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 625 black´n´blue - 431202 -LADY TRAPEZE-Questo prodotto è disponibile anche nel nostro CUBE Store. Another small detail is the kickstand hardware. CUBE Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 625 modello 2021 vs 2020? L'eBike da donna molto confortevole è equipaggiata per la circolazione stradale ed è … It is a lunar n’grey, but I’d call the color light olive green n’grey. Non da ultimo, abbiamo anche previsto un attacco per cavalletto perfettamente integrato. Tecnica. I really love the fourth generation Bosch Performance Line CX mid-motors because they are powerful and natural, but they do produce additional whirring noise compared to lower power options and even some similarly rated products from competitors like Yamaha, Brose, and Shimano. The battery is sunk into the downtube for protection, lower weight distribution, and a nicer…... One of the most affordable and versatile Bosch powered mid-drive electric bikes I've seen to date. La Cube mi è piaciuta anche se non molto perchè mi è sembrata un po' pesante anche durante il viaggio. I like the rear rack because it matches the frame color and has a versatile Racktime carrier on top with spring latch and pannier supports, but CUBE could have easily welded bungee loops or pannier blockers to the lower portion for an extra cargo option and extra support.